Thursday, October 9, 2008

This is weird!

Ok, while googling for my own site as I moved that last post from the laptop to an office computer due to shitty wireless, I found a blog called..."Radio Free Lunch." What's especially weird is that the name of this (my) blog is actually a deeply idiosyncratic dual reference to:1. Camper Van Beethoven's first album, and 2. a friend of mine's long ago rant about some folks who took a student funded junket to the CMJ marathon in New York after our local college station got taken over by NPR and replaced by a cable-only channel that effectively only reached the dorms.

Also: check out some new sites on the blogroll: Russ Peterson's Satired, Michael Berube's American Airspace, and for crypto-countercultural history buffs, Stories of the Aquarian Revolution.

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