Friday, August 13, 2010

Windy Austin

Here's a sweet picture of the recently departed Windy Austin, sharing a piano with Jojo Thompson at the Library Club.  Photo by Orlis.  There's a memorial service for Windy in Fayetteville, at George's on Sunday.  There's also a fund to help cover medical and funeral expenses.  I will be posting songs here on and off throughout the weekend at least.  You can play them through the player and click the link to download for your own sharing.

This first batch is drawn from a live show by Windy and the Hothouse Tomato Boys that I recorded in the summer of 2000 at Georges.  vocals: Windy Austin, guitars: Bob Myers and Lloyd Price, bass: Rick Boyette, drums: Larry Matthews.

Weenie Time/Stand By Me

Rome's Last Go Around


(Weenie Time, Romeo's Last go Around and Margarita all written by Mike Sumler)
If 6 Was 9

Dick and Jane/Mary Lou

Mack the Knife

Highway 61/She Cut Me Off

(She Cut Me Off written by Charles Tubberville)

They All Play Stairway to Heaven