Wednesday, August 13, 2008


that's what this post is. I promised a new post in comments over at Arkensawyer*, but it's late and I'm on the dialup connection, so the internets are intolerably slow. I have stuff brewing about the Cate Brothers major label albums (released 1975-1979) which I've been listening to alot over the past week or so, and I want to write something about a show we went to on Saturday too. But it isn't happening tonight. I will say this about the Cates albums: they're good, better than I thought when I first listened to them.

I also want to post a proper goodbye to Isaac Hayes, but that'll have to wait too. See y'all tomorrow.

*oh, I found the "link" button!

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John A Arkansawyer said...

They are awful good, aren't they? Do you have the Crazy Cajun CD? Mine disappeared in New Orleans years ago, and I never got to truly consume it.